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tirsdag, juni 21, 2005

EM tur til England

EM tur til England
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Mette og Johanne var i Blackpool og supporte kvindefodboldlandsholdet under EM. Her er der scoret mod England!
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onsdag, maj 11, 2005


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Johanne, Sanna og Mack i TV-byen inden deres optræden i DM i Indsamling

tirsdag, maj 03, 2005

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mandag, februar 07, 2005

Underreported humanitarian crises from Doctors Without Borders

Læger uden grænser: 

Cory Doctorow: Doctors Without Borders have produced a list of 2004's 10 Most Underreported Humanitarian Crises. The list deserves more attention:

Tuberculosis Spiraling Out of Control

Tuberculosis (TB) kills one person every 15 seconds, thus claiming millions of lives every year even though it is a curable disease. While the risk of TB is relatively low in wealthy countries, the disease is making a comeback throughout the developing world: one-third of the world’s population is infected with the TB bacilli and eight million people annually develop active TB. Unfortunately, most TB is diagnosed by sputum microscopy, a diagnostic test developed in 1882, and the only available medicines for treatment were invented up to 60 years ago. TB treatment takes a minimum of six months and nearly two years for multi-drug resistant (MDR-TB) strains. The AIDS pandemic has lead to an explosion of HIV/TB co-infection, as TB is the most common opportunistic infection for those living with HIV/AIDS. This further increases TB’s appalling human toll. There is an urgent need for serious improvements in the way TB is tackled globally, from research and development of new medicines and diagnostic tests that detect all forms of TB in all patients, especially children and people living with HIV/AIDS, to innovative treatment programs that go beyond Directly Observed Therapy – Short-course (DOTS). “It’s time to openly admit we’ll never be able to ‘control TB’ by prescribing more of the same,” said Dr. Francine Matthys, TB advisor for MSF’s Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines, at the 35th Union World Conference on Lung Health in October 2004. “Massive investment is needed now, so that we can effectively diagnose and treat all those with TB in the shortest possible time.”


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